Here’s my thoughts ready:

I would rather take a KNEEL than STAND with Trump

Also let’s be honest, I highly doubt you stand for the national anthem. You’re too busy filling your face with food and beer then worrying about the anthem at the Super Bowl…. as you sit on your ass.





So this is my self care. I take walks and snap pics while listening to music. I think it's important to take time to do things you like to do. I was wearing what I wanted to wear, listened to what I wanted to listen, took the pics I wanted.

In life, we have to slow down and appreciate nature.

Do things that make you happy.



The greatest hockey player in my generation. Haters can boo him all they want. Booing is a sign of respect. Why do we boo/hate them?

Because they win. Do you boo a player who doesn't play/sits on the bench? Backup backup goalie?

I say, keep respecting the player. Keep hating the game. So next time you boo Tom Brady, respect.

My shark tank idea #brainstorming #thinktank #wponthego

So today, I went rollerblading and of course brought my phone with me. Aka to take photos.

I snap this photo and I’ve had this idea about an activity for a while and I want to share.

I love blading. It relaxes me. But there is no group that blades together. Or people renting skates for hours on end and blade and enjoy the city.

So I came up with just that. It’s called ROLL(ER) IN THE CITY.

I don’t know how to begin. It’s something in my mind for years. It’s probably never going to happen.

But it’s an idea.

We fly high, no lie you know this… BLOGGING


So I guess that is the million dollar question, why blog? Here’s the truth: I intended to use this blog as a platform. I often read other blogs/watch vlogs and I LOVE the content these people make. But I think to myself that I could never create those kind of videos.

And maybe that’s a problem. I watch Casey Neistat make badass vlogs. His videos goes viral. In the same sense, I want my blogs to go viral, in the sense of getting it through the masses.

When I first created this page, I wanted to write down my thoughts/feelings. Almost like a journal. But then, I wanted it to help others. I like the idea that my words can help others. I want to be my own Casey Neistat when it comes to KS.



I guess that is why I blog.

I want to be find my niche in this world. I often think that my condition is a curse. You know, I can’t make a baby. I can’t gain weight.

But the words that I write, carry weight. My mission is to help others through my words. Go to conferences, speak at public forums, create content, talk to doctors and hospitals, change the world. I’m not the best blogger nor the best writer.

Another factor of why blogging can be discouraging is there is no audience. You write down words on a page, you click submit. That’s it. The reason why I don’t blog more is just that. Its hard to write about content. Its another to write AND nobody really reads. Yes, I have some visits, but….

Ok Dave focus.

So WHY do I blog? Its a for(u)m of expression. Form of communication. Form of thoughts and ideas. Form of relaxing after a long days of work. Its a chance that maybe my words either through my girlfriend, which I love, or someone browsing the web looking for help reads this and says, ” I. Am. Not. Alone.”










Question ??

Here's a thought provoking question:

I have a shoulder injury. I got it at work lifting heavy boxes on my right shoulder up and down the ladder?

I have KS, XXY whatever you want to call it. One of the symptoms is not gaining muscle mass.

Do you think my injury would have been prevented if I didn't have KS?