This song Bastille- blame is my inspiration 

Fall upon your knees saying

“This is my body and soul here”

Fall and begging, pleading

“You’ve got the power and control here”

This is my body, this is my soul.

 Fall upon your knees saying

“This is my body and soul”

First step of many 

Today I got an email from Boston Children’s Hospital. Over the last couple of days I felt inspired to do something. More specifically talk about how we can bring awareness to KS. 

So I emailed as many doctors as I can in hopes that someone would take five minutes out of their day to read my email and respond. 

What this doctor said means nothing to me.  This doctor could’ve said nothing and not responded to my email. But it does mean that people are willing to listen if you want to bring awareness, or research or anything  to a condition.